Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maximum Exposure

To My Dear Cousin Heil,

I know you are well on your way to becoming a harlequin. I've seen you in several shows and have attended your various featured performances here and there with discretion. I'd like to say that you've been doing a great job! I'd like to tell you what happened the other day about my friend Kreme who happens to be a well-trained harlequin.

Apparently he has gone into hiding after the harlequin guild forced him to wear some ridiculous outfit as some sort of test. He said something about harlequins being able to wear ANY kind of garments, even if it is the most embarrassing to be able to entertain people of all sorts. He sent me a letter because he needed help with something. He first sent me his picture wearing the outfit. ...A VERY REVEALING OUTFIT.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


To My Dearest Ebbie,

So there I was, lying down on my bed after a long day of training and even reminiscing about the good ol' days. Then all of a sudden, I heard this loud flapping sound. I thought at first it was a Scrappy that got stuck in the window railings again, but as I got up from my bed, it was a flying cockroach!!!

I was so scared that I think I screamed like a little girl as I tried to swat the darned thing with my sword. Hopefully no one heard me scream. That would've been very embarrassing! You know how I am with flying cockroaches. ;3;

Stay safe Ebbie, please send me some pesticides.

From Your Dear Brother,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Odd Statue

To My Dearest Ebbie,

With the opening of the Drakos Tower once again, many adventurers have been crowding at Camp Steven to help the Dragon Expedition drive back Elga's minions. As for me, I have personally been assigned with a task group that was been ordered to look for alternate routes into the tower. The main entrance of the tower wouldn't do much so we had to look for alternate routes.

Along with a party of other paladins and mercenaries, we found this cave and ventured deep within. The mages believe it would lead to the tower's basement, and we could begin launching another front from there. The underground tunnel was infested with monsters, and more of Elga's minions. Along the way, I came across this odd statue.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


To My Dearest Ebbie,

I was going to write this letter to tell you how cool my new armor is, but something unexpected happened just after two weeks of wearing the darned helmet. Yes, I believe the helmet is cursed or something, even after I souled it at Julie's. You do know us Paladins get the Signus rank when we reach a certain level. I'm pleased to tell you that your brother just gained Signus rank! Yay! But enough about that. I'll show you the picture, yes?

Pretty neat, huh? I must say I've gone quite far from being the clumsy warrior I was years back. I still couldn't find the darned shoulder piece for this set, though. It's very rare to find good craftsmanship these days. (Well 42 could also forge one but... you know.) Now take a look at the helmet. Why do you think those fins at the side are so big?

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Weird Letter

To My Dear Friend Ceaz,

I found this letter in my mail today. Does Mr. 42 really write like this all the time? I hardly understood a thing. It has the most peculiar content I've ever read so far.